My First Day at Preschool, a 28-minute video
produced by Beachwood Canyon resident John
Aguirre, stars Buddy Bear, an animatronics
costumed cub.

Through original music by another Beachwood
resident, Eric Hester, and scenes of Buddy Bear
participating onsite in actual preschool activities with
real-life kids and teachers, the video allays children's
fears about separation anxiety and meeting new
people. Buddy listens to stories, glues sunflower
seeds on paper, rides a bike in the playground,
dances, sings, paints, and gardens with his new

Billed as "Reality TV for Kids," the video lives up to
its claim as my 5-year-old son excitedly kept saying
while watching it, "We sang that song at my school"
and "They have that at my school." Be he was also
quick to notice that, in the beginning when Buddy's
dad is driving him to school, Buddy sits in the front
seat of the car‹something kids can no longer do
legally until they are 12 years old or 70 pounds.

Other than that, proof that My First Day at Preschool
passed the kid test came when my son asked at the
end of our review copy, "Can we keep this video,

The video has also won adult praise, including
Parenting Magazine Video of the Year and positive
reviews by The Midwest Book Review and Video

Aguirre worked many years as a second assistant
director while living in Orange County, but his work
was getting more and more managerial than creative.
With his move to our corner of Hollywood, he is
enjoying a "second career" as an independent film

"It's a really nice neighborhood," Aguirre said. "It's
got cool architecture, mature trees, and a feeling
like you're living in a mini [Greenwich] village in New
York." He likes the fact that his building is
populated with other creative people, including a
songwriter, actress, and screenwriter. "And
everybody at the 101 Coffee Shop looks like they
just rolled out of bed, so I donąt have to worry about
how I look when I go in for my coffee!"

Besides planning future My First Day videos, such
as first visit to the dentist and first time at the zoo,
Aguirre is busy negotiating distribution of his
recently completed feature film The Utopian
Society, which is being compared to The Breakfast
Club. "It's about six students who waited until the
last minute to do their class project and now have
to plan a utopian society in one night," he

Aguirre himself is feeling the pressure that makes
diamonds, as he has been investing his own money
to bring his projects to life. He feels that he is up for
the challenge. "I had it all when I was in Orange
County, but it wasn't what I wanted." In reference to
his Beachwood Canyon residence, he observed,
"The lower you live on the hill, the more you're
struggling to make a name for yourself. I like that. I
like where I am."

To purchase My First Day at Preschool before he
new school year begins, go to... or call (323) 466-1905.
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