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"Make me funny" is a
Unscripted half hour television
program , Professional comedians
have one week to take a "no-body,
wanna'be" and get them ready for
live a routine at a comedy club!

"Pilot Presentation available for
screening upon request"

Make me funny
Women On Top
"WOMEN ON TOP" is a quirky, fun
and poignant show about the new
wave of powerful, embattled
women who face the daily
professional and personal
challenges of running a major
television network in todays
There's sex (of course), money,
ambition, betrayal, and infidelity;
but, there is also true love, great
friendship, and occasional
unswerving loyalty. And, when an
aspiring intern is suddenly hired as
an assistant to the President of
programming, an Ugly Betty
sensibility develops.?

Acquisition,Development,and Distribution