6 college students from different backgrounds, are assigned
to work together on a final project. These six students have
so far spent no time together, can't stand each other and
must pass this final assignment in order to pass the class.
The assignment is to create a utopian society, on paper.
They've had all semester to work on the project but in the
tradition of most college group assignments, have opted to
wait until the last minute to cram the entire semester's work
into one night.
The film explores the six character's differences,
commonalities and secrets, and the real stuff they have to
go through in order to accomplish the task at hand. Over
the course of the night, the students learn how their
pre-conceived stereotypes are often incorrect. As we
discover the differences that Nera, Justin, Caleb, Aaliyah,
Ken and Tanci have, we also find out what makes them part
of the same human family. In trying to create their own
Utopian Society, our characters discover just how hard it is
to make it work in a world as diverse as the one they live in.

The Utopian Society
Acquisition,Development,and Distribution