Scott Rudolph has over fifteen years of
experience in the entertainment industry.
He is the founder of the Chicago
International REEL Shorts Festival
, was
Director of Shorts Programming for the
Newport Beach Film Festival, a Festival
Consultant at, and
Regional Sales Director at He has also worked with
Walt Disney Animation, Lifetime
Television and New Line Cinema. Scott is
an award winning filmmaker and frequent
panelist at Industry events.

Since joining the Directors Guild Of America in 1987
John Aguirre has been involved on feature films and
network television as an Assistant Director, Director,
Writer and Producer. John’s worked with some of the
most accomplished producers and directors in the
motion picture industry including, Paul Haggis (Million
Dollar Baby, Crash), Tom Schulman, (Dead Poets
Society), Ron Underwood (City Slickers, Mighty Joe
Young), Mel Gibson (Passion of The Christ, Braveheart),
Joss Whedon, (Buffy, Angel), and Barry Sonnenfeld.
John has assisted in the physical production on over 300
episodes of TV, 15 feature films and has accrued over
10,000 hours of on set production experience on such
studio films as “Men In Black”, “Red Dragon”, “On Deadly
Ground”, “8 Heads In A Duffle Bag” and “Primary Colors.

Joan has been invoved
with the talent side of
the entertainment
industry for the last five
years and is a
graduate of the
Business Program at
California State
University, Northridge.
Scott Rudolph
Founder, Director of Acquisitions
John P. Aguirre
Founder, Director of Development
Joan Wong
Talent Development

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